March 05, 2009



* VBUK is Status Header table. It could be from Sales Order table (VBAK), Delivery Order table (LIKP), and Billing table (VBRK).

VBELN = Sales and Distribution Document Number
LFSTK = Delivery status
LFGSK = Overall delivery status for all items
FKSTK = Billing status
FKSAK = Billing status (order-related billing document)
BUCHK = Posting Status of Billing Document

*VBUP is Status Detail table. It could be from Sales Order detail table (VBAP), Delivery Order detail table (LIPS), and Billing detail table (VBRP).

VBELN = Sales and Distribution Document Number
LFSTA = Delivery status
LFGSA = Overall delivery status of the item
FKSTA = Billing status of delivery-related billing documents
FKSAA = Billing status for order-related billing documents

*VBFA is Sales Document Flow. It is a detail table. You can see relation between Sales Order and Delivery Order and Post Good Issue and Sales Invoice OR relation between Delivery Order and Sales Invoice

VBELV = Preceding sales and distribution document
POSNV = Preceding item of an SD document
VBELN = Subsequent sales and distribution document
POSNN = Subsequent item of an SD document
RFMNG = Referenced quantity in base unit of measure
MEINS = Base Unit of Measure
RFWRT = Reference value
WAERS = Statistics currency

Be Careful When you report Sales Invoice Amount from this table. If you need to collect subsequent document (Sales Invoice), because it can fill Sales Invoice Cancellation.
?? Be careful for Delivery order, for RFWRT field never fills value (0).

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